A Quick Update & Movin’ Locations

Hello all!!! Have ya’ missed me! Here’s a quick update on life. After some thinking I’ve have officially decided to close the books on this race season. I had one race left on the schedule but have decided to withdraw due to still not being completely 100%. Also,  after a 10 day road trip/vacation to New York that would leave me getting home literally just hours before the race.  I have taken the last few days off running and will take about another 5-6 days off running to fully heal before getting back at it for my summer training block. The gym and ARC Trainer have become my friends during this period. My next time toeing the line won’t be until Saturday, September 26th. That’s also when I’ll begin my official quest for that sub-20 5K. Looking back on this season it was really amazing. I accomplished almost everything I set out to do and then some. The, only thing I did not accomplish was PR’ing in the half marathon which was derailed by injury. But despite that I …

PR’ed in the 5K

Had 1 top 20 finish

1 top 15 finish

1 top 10 finish

A top 10% finish at a Gasparilla race event

And two age group awards

In addition I became more mentally tough and competed in races instead of letting the race and runners around me dictate how I ran. I finally learned to run my “own” race. Now, moving forward I will be closing this blog  known as FLRunnerBoy. You all know how badly I want a sub-20 5K in 2016 … it’s been well documented … ummmm … I mean posted about. But as I move forward into my next chapter as a distance runner which includes masters division running (yes … 40 is right around the corner but age is just a numbah!) I needed a blog that would really embody who I am and what I stand for … why I run and that’s to remember my deceased mother, stay healthy, beat cancer and bring awareness, and my relationship with God, Jehovah. So my running journey via posting is moving locations to http://www.orangeblackattack.wordpress.com … why orange and black you say??? Because those are the colors for Kidney Cancer Awareness, my biggest reason for running to begin with. The posting on my new site will be a bit less as the goals I want to accomplish run-wise is going to take 110% of my concentration which means less typing and more doing of the “little things” that = accomplished goals. 🙂 So if ya’ like what I’ve brought to you go follow the next chapter of my running journey @ http://www.orangeblackattack.wordpress.com

The chapter on FLRunnerBoy will close tomorrow

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!”

My Wednesday W.O.W. – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”


Today’s W.O.W. is just as much as a pick-me-up for me. After solid running all month, this week feels like it’s quickly falling out of my hands. A run cut short yesterday due to oversleeping and a missed workout today due to lack of drive and motivation because of what can be a hectic, crazy, fast paced life that well … just wears you down at times. But through the cloud and the storm comes the rainbow and we all love ourselves some rainbows and the beauty of them. Yes, this week is a bit off … and yes this a TRUE uncensored day-to-day life of a Florida runner and my life isn’t always roses and perfect runs. And even on some days I just plain don’t want to run and I don’t. But tomorrow is another day … tomorrow there’s a 100% chance of a rainbow.

Weather the storm and enjoy the rainbow to follow.


That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!”

Training Week 4/20 thru 4/26 – “Zoom! Zoom!”

This week before last I didn’t post because it was a cut back week and really there was  not much to report. Just a lot of this …


and this …


and of course some easy breezy low mile runs. Last week I got back to what is near to normal volume running as my leg keeps getting better and is holding its own through workouts. Last week saw some of my fastest mile repeats in months, another double-digit long run, and some 6:00 minute pace running for a short duration of my Friday training run (my mile PR is 5:45). Here is last week’s training in review:

Monday 4/20 – 20 minutes on the ARC Trainer @ level 20, upper body, core, hip abduction, and leg presses maxing out @ 275 lbs.

Tuesday 4/21 – 6 mile easy run

Wednesday 4/22 – 4 x 1600’s w/ goal pace of 7:01 (warm-up, 6:58, 6:58, 6:57, 6:55, cool down) = 7 miles

Thursday 4/23 – 5 mile easy run @ 8:37 pace

Friday 4/24 – 4 mile progression run @ 8:13 pace (latter portion of run @ 6:00 pace).

Saturday 4/25 – rest

Sunday 4/26 – 11 mile easy paced long run

Total Mileage For The Week = 33

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!”

My Wednesday W.O.W. – “Dream A Little Dream For Me!”

*** This post was inspired by: PB & PRs, The Girl Who Ran Everywhere, jenchoosesjoy, & Kristen Lawrence:


Yes, stalk them … chase them … go after them with all you’ve got!!! Yes, dream a little dream for me and for YOURSELF!!!

PB & PRs – qualified for Boston then went there and snatched up a monster PR!!! … She “DREAMED A LITTLE DREAM!” 🙂

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere – qualified for Boston then, ran Boston and BQ’d at Boston while making good on a former promise to herself! … She “DREAMED A LITTLE DREAM!” 🙂

jenchoosesjoy – She ran a very Meb-like smart and savy race at Boston in not the most pleasant conditions and set a new PR! … She “DREAMED A LITTLE DREAM!” 🙂

 Kristen Lawrence – This speedy lady up until Boston boasted an epic 9-marathon PR streak and has an amazing work ethic. It paid off on Monday when she was in the starting corral with the top elite female runners in the world! … She “DREAMED A LITTLE DREAM!” 🙂

So I say to you all … let’s follow thier lead “AND DREAM A LITTLE DREAM!”

My dream is to run a sub-20 5K … What’s yours?





I usually don’t give spoilers on my weekly training making you wait until Monday  for a full report. However today I can’t resist. Today’s workout was mile repeats x4 with a goal pace of 7:01 … I crushed it!!! (warm-up, 6:58, 6:58, 6:57, 6:55, cool down). Another step in the right direction. My hamstring at this point is 100% healthy but my glute is still a wee bit wonky which is why I have yet to proclaim myself 100% fully healed but I’m doing all the right things and I’m almost there.

Needless to say I “DREAMED A LITTLE DREAM!” for this mornings workout 🙂

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!”






Best Wishes To All The Wicked Fast Runnah’s!!!

Well … it is once again finally upon us …

wpid-2015bostonmarathon.jpgYeppers!!! The Boston Marathon is once again here!!! Will Meb repeat? … Will Shalane accomplish her goal of making it to the podium? So many stories … so many journeys  and for this weekend and Monday the entire running world comes to a halt to witness and/or experience it all.

Best wishes to seetinarun, The Girl Who Ran Everywhere, jenchoosesjoy, inverted sneakers, Kristen Lawrence, PB & PRs, and PrettyLittleRunner as well as anyone I forgot to mention and all other runners that will be toeing that line on Monday.



That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!”


My Wednesday W.O.W. – “Failure & Reflection Are Okay”


Sometimes we tend focus so much on glory and the end game … the reward, that we forget about the hard times, the knock downs. They shouldn’t be viewed as negatives. It’s the knock downs that lead to glory. We wouldn’t know how to be fighters without the knock downs. We wouldn’t come to know the meaning of resilience. Yes, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned comeback. I’ve experienced this many times. There’s something special about shocking yourself and the world … rising from the ashes … getting back up after a knock down or setback and rising to the challenge.


At times we have such tunnel vision on what’s ahead that we quickly forget how far we have come. We forget about the abilities we have and what we accomplished and will accomplish by means of those abilities. Don’t focus on your accomplishments, focus on your God-given abilities and what you have been able to do with them in the past and what you will yet do with them in the future. Reflecting on how those abilities helped you in the past will propel you through the future.

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!”


Training Week 4/6/15 – 4/1215: “Quietly Confident”

Whew!!! I’m am so late to the weekly recap party … did ya’ miss me!!! 😀 It’s been a crazy busy start to the week including training a new employee at work. After three weeks of mileage increases and continuing to climb my way out of the injury black hole, this week is a much deserved cut-back week. I usually like high volume training but with the loss of my previous fitness level due to injury and not being able to train like I typically would these past three weeks have been hard earned as I get back to form. So the lighter, easier miles this week are a blessing. Last week was another 30+ mile week. Also, I ran my first legitimate tempo run of 2015 and I nailed it! This was HUGE as the tempo run has always been the measuring stick for me to determine where my fitness is, and where I need to go to get to the goal I want to accomplish. Here is last week in review:

Monday 4/6 – cross training. 15 minutes on the ARC Trainer @ max level 20, upper body, leg presses maxing out @ 300 lbs, core training, and hip abduction.

Tuesday 4/7 – 6 mile easy run @ 8:55 pace, hip abduction, 20 minutes active stretching and foam rolling

Wednesday 4/8 – 7 mile tempo run w/ goal pace of 7:36 (warm-up, 7:35, 7:35, 7:35, 7:31, 7:28, cool down) … I totally nailed it and felt so good about it after! I definitely “released the quackin” on this workout! 😀


Release The Quackin

Thursday 4/9 – 4.5 mile easy run (4.52 mi)

Friday 4/10 – 4.5 mile easy run (4.89 mi)

Saturday 4/11 – rest

Sunday 4/12 – 8 mile long run @ 8:32 pace

Total Weekly Mileage = 30.42

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal”!!!

My Wednesday W.O.W. – “Defeat Is NOT An Option!”



Defeat is NOT an option! No matter  what life throws you, maintain the fighters mentality … stay tenacious in your pursuits, and NEVERNEVER except defeat. Whether in running or life, there are no defeats only learning experiences that make you stronger for the next round. If you didn’t land that job … if you didn’t get that PR … if you didn’t get that BQ … if you are dealing with injury or any other setbacks … defeat is NOT an option! And that is not the right state of mind so crush it and stand up to fight another day. There are no defeats … only learning experiences … Defeat is NOT an option!!!

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!” 

Training Week 3/30/15 thru 4/5/15 – “Onward! Young Man!””


Yep! … ONWARD!!! This week brought more positive gains and left me feeling that this injury is almost 100% behind me. This past week was my highest mile week since the end of 2014. Typical peak mileage for me is in the 35-40ish range, so I’m almost there. 🙂 Also I ran some solid 800’s, still not peak speed but getting there, and I also ran my longest run since late fall … early winter. Last week also brought more active stretching, lacrosse ball massage, foam rolling, and hip abduction which are now major staples in my routine and will continue to be from now on.

Now, before I continue with the breakdown of last week’s training I want to stop for a moment and share a couple funny meme’s that are still on the theme of “onward” movement. You can indirectly thank fellow running mate jenchoosesjoy for this ha ha! 🙂 She posts absolutely the most funniest meme’s! She cracks me up every time I read her blog. Any who … here ya’ go …




Okie dokie … now here is the break down of  last week’s training:

Monday 3/30 – 20 minutes ARC Trainer, upper body, core, and hip abduction

Tuesday 3/31 – 6 mile easy run (6.03) @ 8:16 pace followed by post-run active stretching and hip abduction

Wednesday 4/1 – 5 x 800’s w/ 400m recoveries = 3:22 goal time (3:22, 3:22, 3:22, 3:19, 3:17) = 5 miles followed by active stretching and foam rolling

Thursday 4/2 – 4 mile easy run (4.29)

Friday 4/3 – 5 mile easy run @ 8:30 pace (5.28)

Saturday 4/4 – rest

Sunday 4/5 – 12 mile long run @ 8:36 pace (12.02) followed by 20 minutes active stretching and foam rolling

Seeing how much Charissa Running loved my selfie from last week I decided to post another one this week and also do another edition of “My Sunday Long Run In Pictures”


Upper left hand corner – da’ numbahs’ from Sundays’s long run.

Far right – All smiles after my longest run since late 2014 rockin’ the retro Hanson’s singlet from back in the day when I started doing things the “Hanson’s way” (would you know way back when I set a course record in this singlet which still stands today)

*** Side Note *** it’s so humid in Florida already that by mile 9 my shoes were as squishy as sponges from all the sweat … ewww!!!

Lower left corner – post long run recovery at Planet Fitness with Mr. Foam Roller and 2 bottles of Nuun Energy Lemon-Lime. Once again … RECOVERY IS THEY KEY boys and girls.

Total Mileage For The Week = 32.62 🙂


My first true test of my leg will and just how far gone this injury actually is will come this Wednesday when I run my first true tempo run of 2015. I’m hoping I can “release the quackin”

Release The Quackin

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal!!!”






My Wednesday W.O.W. – “Be Like Water”

To become the best version of ourselves whether in life or running we must “BE LIKE WATER!”


You must be willing to adapt and become whatever you need to be to accomplish the desired goal … to get the desired result. Empty your mind of what you currently know … empty your mind of the status quo so to speak. I’ve had to do this in life making a career change straight out of high school that I never saw coming then after making the career change I again had to empty my mind and become like water when the school I was to attend I Maryland abruptly closed forcing me to leave the state I love and find schooling in Florida … “BE LIKE WATER!”

Since 2008 I’ve been in distance running and many times I’ve had to empty my mind and become like water. For starters, changing my mindset from that of a 200 & 400 meter specialist to a distance runner. Also, though I have run a marathon, and plan to run another someday, maybe even a third … I AM NOT A MARATHONER in the sense that I don’t live to run marathon after marathon. I’m a 5K runner so to run a marathon which I have done, I once again had to … “BE LIKE WATER!” I had to adjust and adapt to the 20 mile run, the longer tempo’s, and become a marathoner … think like a marathoner … breath like a marathoner … talk like a marathoner … again … “BE LIKE WATER!” and I did just so and accomplished my goal to run a marathon. Then again I had to empty myself in 2014 and … “BE LIKE WATER!” when my running career hit rock bottom with me running my absolute worst 5K ever. I had to empty my mind of training methods of the past and reinvent myself and my approach to running and training, and that has paid off with my best race season in 4 years! All because I decided to … “BE LIKE WATER!” And now, once again as I chase a sub-20 5K in 2016 I will once again have to … “BE LIKE WATER!” becoming something new, something I’ve never been before, emptying my mind of stereotypes of the past to reach the goal.

So my words to you for today … “BE LIKE WATER!”

That’s it … that’s all!!!

Run Happy!!! 🙂

“Sub-20 in 2016 … That’s The Goal”!!!